Last updated 2013-08-20

§0. Preamble

Purchasing of digital services by Viridian Tower Electronics is subject to our Terms of Service, as outlined in this document. By purchasing our services, you are agreeing to these terms, so please read review this document thoroughly, as it is in your best interests to know what you are agreeing to. Ignorance of these terms is not a defense - by purchasing our services, you signify your legally-binding agreement to these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, do not buy services from Viridian Tower Electronics.

§0.1. Definitions

This section contains definitions for terms used in the agreement following.

  • You - The purchaser of the digital service covered by this agreement.
  • The Company - The provider of the digital service, Viridian Tower Electronics, Ontario business registration number 210387019.
  • Agent - An official representative of the Company.
  • The Service - The service or services You have purchased from The Company which are covered by this agreement.
  • The Agreement - This agreement between You and The Company.
  • Criminal Activities - Any act deemed to be a crime under the Criminal Code of Canada.

§1. Terms of Hosting Services

§1.1. Preamble

This section of The Agreement pertains to the terms of services for services considered to be Hosting Services. Any and all Hosting Services purchased from The Company are subject to the provisions of this section of The Agreement. If you do not agree to these terms, do not purchase Hosting Services from The Company.

§1.2. Services Considered Hosting Services

The following services are considered Hosting Services for the purposes of The Agreement and are subject to the provisions of this section of The Agreement:

  • Mini Shared Hosting
  • Starter Shared Hosting
  • Bronze Shared Hosting
  • Silver Shared Hosting
  • Gold Shared Hosting
  • Mini VPS Boxen
  • Bronze VPS Boxen
  • Silver VPS Boxen
  • Gold VPS Boxen

§1.3. Terms of Service of Hosting Services

  • §1.3.1. Acceptable Use: You must adhere to the conduct set forth in the Acceptable Use Policy, posted at Failure to do so will result in penalties up to and including termination of The Service. Any exclusion from the Acceptable Use Policy of any and all illegal activities which a website could be used for does not constitute agreement of The Company with the activities, or any permission from The Company to engage in these activities, and You may still be subject to penalties up to and including termination of the account if You use The Service to participate in criminal activities.
  • §1.3.2. Timely, Full Payment: The Service will be established by The Company only after the first payment is made in full. Recurring payments must be made when due within the payment terms ascribed to You, and failure to do so will result in penalties up to and including termination of The Service. If you are a resident of Canada, Your payment will include 5% Goods & Services Taxes, unless you are a resident of Ontario, where you will pay 13% Harmonized Sales Tax.
  • §1.3.3. In Event of Non-Payment: The Service will be suspended if You have an account owing 5 days after the due date of the invoice, and terminated if You have an account owing 30 days after the due date of the invoice, unless You have an account with specifically-negotiated payment terms, and these payment terms are agreed to in writing by both You and The Company. Suspension or termination of the Service does not relieve You of the obligation to pay outstanding invoices and in fact You may be subject to penalty fees for defaulting on payment terms, and/or collections activities.
  • §1.3.4. Refunds: Requests for refunds in relation to The Service must be made in accordance with our Refunds Policy, posted at
  • §1.3.5. Privacy of Account Information: The Company will safeguard your account information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, posted at
  • §1.3.6. Privacy of Hosted Website Data: The Company occasionally audits site data to ensure compliance with our Acceptable Use Policy and to ensure that no illegal content is being stored on the server, and that the websites on the server are not used to coordinate, discuss, or participate in criminal activity. The Company may also access your site data if you direct The Company to remedy technical problems with your site through the support apparatus. If You submit a request for technical assistance, You give The Company full authorisation to make the changes neccesary to remedy the technical problem. In no other event shall we modify or change your data, except in the process of placing a suspension page if You are deliquent in pay or abusive of The Service, or if You use the site for criminal activities.