Shared Hosting Plans

Please note: Unlike some hosts, account setup is not automatic. As such, it may take up to 24 hours to be set up.




Why choose Viridian Tower Electronics for hosting?

There's a lot of reasons - listed in our features section below - but foremost amongst them is this promise:

No gimmicks - no false promises - just solid, reliable hosting on a top-tier network managed by industry veterans.

This webhosting grew out of providing services to businesses in our local area - businesses that need industry professionsals to provide them with the best bang for the buck, because a small business doesn't have the money to mess around. And neither do we - we've gone to great pains, financially and technically, to try to make this the best service we can for our client base. Host with Viridian Tower Electronics today, and see how this' paid off!

The VTE Advantage

  • A registered business in the province of Ontario, Canada operating since 2011
  • Industry veterans with over a decade of experience in computer services
  • Quality server hardware from SuperMicro, Intel, Kingston, and other trusted vendors with a long reputation of good worksmanship
  • A variety of payment options including Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Check or Cash by mail, or Western Union (please contact us for check, cash, or Western Union payments)
  • A proven reputation of fair dealing and good tech with hosting used by large international businesses
  • We care for your personal information with a Comodo-verified Secure Sockets Layer encryption certificate
  • We stand behind our hosting services - if you're not happy with your services, or need something more from them, we will be more than happy to do our best to serve your needs

Features with all Shared Web-Hosting Services

CentOS Hosting
CentOS is a secure, enterprise-class Linux distribution which offers a riguourously quality-assured platform for running web server applications on. We have built our server on the firmest of foundations - CentOS has a proven track record of system security and is deployed in thousands of servers around the world for this reason. Some operating systems can claim to be easier to use, or faster, none can claim to be as secure.
cPanel Website Control Panel
The industry-leading control panel, cPanel makes managing the various components of a full website easy. Manage your domain(s), email account(s), and webpages with ease using cPanel's powerful automation systems. Never touch a command-line interface for hosting again!

Spam Assassin
Say goodbye to spam! Our shared web-hosting services include SpamAssassin, the multiple-award-winning apache module which helps detect and manage spam. Powerful configuration options allow you to discard spam, return it to sender, or place it into a specific folder in your email inbox. Manage your spam easily with SpamAssassin.
Powerful Database Options
Our shared web-hosting comes with both the industry-leading database packages: MySQL and PostgreSQL. MySQL is the standard database software for many web applications, offering a reliable and solid database solution, whereas a larger website can benefit from the scalability presented by the powerful and efficient PostgreSQL database software.

A Worldwide Enterprise-Class DNS Network
Our DNS network has been established across the world to make sure your site is served quickly to viewers regardless of location. Our network includes nodes in Canada, the US, Spain, Italy, Singapore, the Isle of Man, and more. Enjoy a world-class network backing your site, at no additional cost.
Flexible Payment Options
Pay with a variety of different options, including all major credit cards, Interac e-Transfers, Western Union, cheques, or cash.

Optional Addons

Shell Access
Need complete control over your web hosting? Add shell access to your account, allowing you to use the Linux command line interface to directly manage your site and run additional scripts to further enhance it's capabilities.
Add to your shared hosting for $2.00/month.

Next-Level Support
If ticket, forum, and email-based support isn't enough for you, upgrade to our managed support offerings which offer various levels of private consultation and hands-on support. Support plans.
Starting at 25$/mo.

CGI Scripting Support
Common Gateway Interface scripts are a powerful language that allows extensible scripting interfaces using the normal HTTP protocol without special calls or scripting shells such as PHP. Due to the fact that some common CGI scripts can be very insecure, CGI is disabled by default. However, if you have a shared web-hosting account you can have it added to your account for a nominal fee, designed to discourage insecure script installation.
Add to your shared hosting for $2.50/month.

All prices quoted on this page are quoted in Canadian Dollars (CAD), and do not reflect any current discounts from promotions or applied to your account, nor do they reflect current exchange rates for other currencies. Click the ordering button to recieve a more accurate number if you have a promotional discount or account discount, or to view the rates in United States Dollars (USD) or British Pounds (GBP). Exchange rates are adjusted daily. Order prices are discounted if you purchase in quarterly, biannual, or annual cycles instead of monthly.

Purchasing shared web-hosting indicates your acceptance of the Shared Web-Hosting Terms of Service and the Acceptable Usage Policy. Please review these policies before ordering.