Last updated 2013-03-14

At Viridian Tower Electronics, we do our best to ensure our services are to your liking and can do what you need them to do. There may be times when you aren't happy with our services, however, and this policy outlines your rights to refunds or other recomphense if something happens. By purchasing one of our services, you are signifying your agreement to these refund policies.

0. Preamble

The guiding principle with our refund policy is that if you haven't used our products much, and you haven't been fraudulent or abusive in your uses of them, you can probably get a refund within seven (7) days. We stand behind our services, and if you're not happy with them, neither are we. That said - we'd prefer to work with you to fix problems that arise rather than do a refund - feel free to contact support at to get support. That said, as long as you meet the criterion you can apply for a refund. The details of the critereon and process follow.

1. General Refunds

In general, without prejudice to the below, you are eligible for a refund if:

  1. You purchased goods or services from Viridian Tower Electronics using a credit card supported by our services, or Paypal.
  2. You have not made great uses of the services in the billing period to be refunded (no more than 25% of total data transfer/disk space for hosting accounts for example)
  3. You have used the service for no more than seven (7) days.
  4. You have not misused the service in any way, as outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy.
  5. You have bought the service in good faith, following our Terms of Service.
  6. Your account was not marked as possible fraud by MaxMind (our fraud prevention service).
  7. Your account is in good standing and does not currently owe money.
If you meet these criterion, you may have the service refunded if cancelled.

2. Time Conditions

You are not eligible for a refund if the service has been active for more than seven (7) days from the time of purchase. Web hosting services are considered active if files are uploaded to the server. Virtual Private Servers are considered active once the server is put online. If the service is not activated, you may apply for a refund at any time.

3. Ineligible Services

The following services are not eligible for refunds:

  1. Dedicated Server Hosting Services
  2. Colocation Services
  3. Repair, Managmenent, and Technical Support Services
  4. Deposits for Web Design Services. The actual web design service may be refunded, see below.

4. Shared Hosting Specifics

Generally, shared hosting plans that meet the time conditions can be refunded. However, they are not eligible for refund if:

  1. More than 25% of the disk space on the hosting plan has been used.
  2. More than 25% of the data transfer on the hosting plan has been used.
  3. More than 100 emails have been relayed by the hosting plan.
These provisions are to protect us from people simply using the plan as a "drop box" for illegally-distributed content, or as a quick spam relay. If you meet these conditions but feel your use has been legitimate, you may still apply for a refund (though we may deny it if we do not feel the use is legitimate).

5. Virtual Private Servers Guarantee

We have a 24-hour gaurantee on Virtual Private Servers. Provided you have not used the Virtual Private Server for a purpose in contravention of our Acceptable Use Policy, you may apply for a refund of the service.

This is not a free trial period.. You must pay for the service beforehand, and you must supply a sufficient reason for cancellation. You must submit the cancellation before the 24h period has expired.

6. Chargebacks

While you are within your rights to chargeback services if you follow Visa/Mastercard/AmEx regulations, by doing so you are waiving any rights granted to you by this return policy. Furthermore, if the chargeback is spurious, we reserve the right to close your account, since chargebacks harm our business and credit rating.

7. Objections or Challanges

You are free at any time to contact our sales department if you have objections or challenges to the return policy. Generally speaking, this policy is to protect ourselves from people who want to use our services for malicious purposes and then try to reclaim their money spent doing so, which is obviously damaging to us as a company. If you feel your use has been legitimate, and you are unsatisfied with your service, we encourage you to get in touch with sales or billing ( or, and they will either rectify the problem, or be able to issue a refund.

8. Processing of Refunds

We must take steps to verify any refund claim, and as a result it can take up to fourteen days before the refund is issued. We audit our Paypal or payment gateway logs to ensure that the original transaction was legitimate, not being used for laundering of money, and not attached to an account labelled for fraud. Generally speaking, all refund payouts will be done on Thursday of the week, unless there are extenuating circumstances. This payout time does not make time-based claims lose legitimacy: they are considered as effective of the datew they were submitted for this purpose.

Refunds will always be issued back to the card with which the purchase was made. No exceptions. It is a common scheme of fraudsters to launder stolen credit cards by charging the stolen credit card and then having the refund made on a legitimate card.

Western Union transfers are non-returnable and will be refunded with account credit.

8. How to Receive a Refund

To begin refunds processing, open a ticket with the Credit/Billing department. To expedite the process, provide the transaction# of the payment transaction and the service you wish refunded for. Please note we cannot accept credit cards over the phone nor will we process refunds over the phone.