Last updated 2012-05-16

If you make use of our web services, then we will need to collect some personal information about you. It is important to us ot only collect the personal information we require to do business with you, and to keep it safe and secure. Doing this not only keeps you, our customers happy, but is just doing smart business - it represents a liability to us if we didnt keep such things safe, after all. In this policy we document what we collect, how it is stored, and what we use it for, so that you're aware of how we manage your personal information. Your purchase of Viridian Tower Electronics' services signifies your agreement that this policy is sufficient to you. If you do not believe it is sufficent, please contact us so we can consider revisions, however if you do not agree to the privacy policy you may not receive services from Viridian Tower Electronics, as we do require this information to do bisiness

0. What is Viridian Tower Electronics?

An integral part of any privacy policy is identifying who has your personal information. Viridian Tower Electronics stores all your personal information onsite and does not give or sell it to third parties.

Viridian Tower Electronics is a registered business in the province of Ontario, Canada with the business number 210387619. Its mailing address is as follows:

4338 Innes Road, Suite #M085
Orleans, Ontario, Canada
K4A 3W3

Enquires about the privacy policy may be made to

1. What personal information do we collect?

To facilitate doing business with you, we need to collect your billing information, this includes the following:

Full Name
Street Address
Country of Residence
Postal Code
Email Address (as a point of contact)

Customers are also encouraged to include their phone number as an additional point of contact if an emergency situation arises, however, this is not required.

If you purchase a hardware device from us, or other goods, we may also get a shipping address with the same information, if it differs from your billing address.

Viridian Tower Electronics does not collect or store your credit card information. This is handled by our third-party payment gateways.

2. How is this information used?

Primarialy, this information is used for billing, credit, and if neccesary, collections purposes. Viridian Tower Electronics will never sell, rent, or otherwise give your information to a third party for marketing purposes without your explicit prior consent.

3. How is it stored, and who has access?

Viridian Tower Electronics stores your information in a secure database using industry-standard - and in some categories above industry-standard - security measures to prevent tampering, hacking, or accidental disclosure. Only Viridian Tower Electronics and it's contracted technicians have any access to this information. All persons who come in contact with this information work on the condition of confidentiality under a non-disclosure agreement. So your information is kept safe and secure with us.