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We offer a variety of services to customers both here at home in Ottawa and to the internet at wide:

Leading Shared Hosting Solutions

Need affordable shared hosting but don't want to pay the inflated premiums that exist for over-sold services? Host your website with our shared webhosting services today.

Powerful Virtual Servers

Sometimes a shared hosting website just doesn't give you the control over your environment that you need or the leg-room you need in terms of space and performance. In that case, we offer a variety of virtual private server plans to accomodate you.

Dedicated Server Hosting

If even a VPS isn't enough power for your website, then don't despair - we can offer a variety of managed and hands-off dedicated server hosting plans.

Website Programming & Design

If you need a helping hand with your website, we're glad to help! We offer all kinds of programming and design services.

Gameserver Hosting

We love to game, and set up our own game servers occasionally to have some fun. We have some specialized VM plans for game hosting available for you!

Custom Computer Builds

We build our own computers we use ourselves, because it's the cheapest way to get the most powerful computers out there. We can build your system today, too!

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